Nextdoor Wing is exploding!

Over 50 people from the village have signed up for Nextdoor Wing, the local version of the multinational neighbourhood communication app,  in the last 4 days since it went live. Unlike most messaging systems it goes to great trouble to ensure that only Wing residents are invited. It checks a number of sources before you will be allowed to sign up and finally, the Wing Lead ( me or my delegate ) has to vouch for you.

It started in the US ( where else!) where it also expanded rapidly because it is a simple version of the usual social media apps – but strictly limited to your neighbourhood and a few surrounding neighbourhoods ( which you can control).

It is currently funded solely by venture capital but the plan is to sell limited LOCAL advertising within 3 years.

It took off in the town I lived in Bellingham, WA, where each postcode became a Nextdoor Neighbourhood. So the town of Bellingham, with 10 postcodes for its 30,000 residents, rapidly became neighbourhoods in the real sense. If you lost your cat the whole neighbourhood knew instantly. If you needed an emergency plumber you had several recommendations.

And when we left we had strangers, but neighbours, hold a BBQ for us.

John Oakley