Ride and Stride 2017

The Ride and Stride of 2015 had a strong team from the village with Cynthia Harris, Paul Brewer and John Oakley taking part on mobility scooters and visited the churches at Wing, Lynden, Pilton and Morcott.


Judith and Patrick Lehey manning ( personning?) the Wing Church with a cornucopia of refreshments.


This year sadly our team captain, Cynthia, was unable to take part due to the fact that the 2015 event convinced her that she would be safer in Crown House, Oakham.

But undaunted the remaining members of the team Paul Brewer and John Oakley decided to do it again, proving the Cynthia was right in 2015 when she suggested that as John Oakley on his shopping scooter was too slow. – this year he rode Cynthia’s scooter. Lead by this years captain Paul Brewer, he and John this year visited Manton, Lyndon, Edith Weston, North and South Luffenham before torrential rain stopped play for the team and John scurried home to a hot bath and some dry clothes. Paul, ever the intrepid traveller, left the wimpish Oakley to go home while he, Paul, visited both Morcott and Pilton. John just managed to get back to Top St before his batteries died so Paul pushed the scooter the last few yards while John warmed himself up in the bath.

Next time we will do it this way:IMG-20170913-WA005

Photos by Paul Comben