Nextdoor Wing

Nextdoor Wing is the free and private social network just for Wing neighbours. On our new neighbourhood site and app, we can share recommendations for traders, plan neighbourhood events, discuss safety, post things for sale and much more. Once you sign up any messages posted by any neighbour will come to you as an email. If you want to get into a conversation go to the website by clicking on the “View or reply” green button. You can even send a Private Message without knowing the email address.

Once in the web app you can initiate a message from the Home screen by choosing the type of message ( General, Classified etc.) and the intended audience ( Wing, Wing + neighbours etc.) from the pulldowns marked V. Many neighbours, over 80, in our neighbourhood use the Nextdoor app. You can see them by clicking on Neighbours in the web app. You can even send a private message to them from the Neighbours list.

It is SAFE. All people that join have to be in one of the Wing postcodes and that is checked against the LexisNexis database by Butterworth and Tollers who have a local branch in Oakham and by ME. And your address and any other details you choose to share will not leave the village without your express permission. So no spam or any unsolicited adverts. This service started in the US as a local-only messaging service and I’ve used it extensively in my neighbourhood in Washington State with great success.

John Oakley, Top Street 

Invite code: SFMQGF or email me at if this code has expired and I’ll send you a new request.

All other questions can be answered at

P.S. Uppingham, Bisbrooke, North Luffenham and Manton have Nextdoor and you can choose to include them in the Settings for your account.


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