We had a very successful visit from Santa in Wing this evening.  He told me what a wonderful evening he had visiting Wing and he thanks all the people who turned out to see him, especially the Wing elves who stood in when his North Pole elves couldn’t come.


His usual elves had to attend a Health and Safety Course. With the reindeer at training camp he was also concerned how he was going to get around the village but Richard T and Paul B managed to find a replacement sleigh ( that was more comfortable than his usual one!). And Pam and Pop Cox were able to help him turn on the tree lights. ( He prefers candles instead of these new-fangled electric ones so he was so pleased that Pop Cox was able to turn them on ).

He was a bit worried that his suit was getting tight with all the food the villagers forced upon him but it was delicious, and he would like to engage the Wing catering team again too numerous to mention, but especially the BBQ team of Bryan and Richard.

He told me he would wave as he goes over to Oakham on the 24th – but he has to sneak back into Wing to leave the presents for the kids in Wing but he can’t do that until they are fast asleep. Until next year…