Important Meeting at the Village Hall on Wednesday 17th at 7pm to consider a major change in the way the money is collected for the maintenance and repair of the village hall is used.

The Parish Council wish to change the Wing Community Charity Governance document the allow the money collected by the Village Hall Committee to be used for anything the Parish Council deem to benefit the village.

BUT the villagers who set up the Charity specifically insert words to safeguard the money so it would not be used for anything other than the repair and maintenance of the Village Hall. This smart move has enabled us to keep the Village Hall in good condition when village halls over the country are falling into disrepair.

This has not prevented the Hall from being used for other fundraising functions provided it is made clear that the fundraising PROVIDING it is made clear that the funds would not go towards the upkeep of the hall. The organizer just hires the hall for the length of time required.

This has worked without problems for 30+ years.

If the safeguard is removed the money for repair and maintenance could be taken for any purpose that the Parish Council see fit, supplementing the Precept, the tax that is levied on every resident and which they should work within… and the hall will suffer.