Summerfest: Informal meeting in the The Old Hall on Wednesday 5 February – 7:30pm

From: Sally Cox

Following the success of our Winter Fest, Sarah O’Boyle, Kaz Burrows and I, as part of the Village Hall Committee, are organising a summer event based around a village fete.  We are keen to make this a unified village effort, hence we are approaching organisers, participants and interested parties from the wide range of groups we have in Wing.
We hope that your group(s)and interests will therefore be included and represented in our plans.  Please also mention this to anyone missed off, it is not intentional – the more the merrier!
VHC, Parish Council, PCC, WI, Quilters, Line Dancers, Yoga,The Kings Arms, Wing Hall, Stall holder expertise, Music expertise, Youth sport (football), Art, Village history, Dogs, Gardening and allotments, Cookery, Flower arranging, children’s events.
The event is at the early stages of planning but it is intended to be an all day event spread throughout the village.   It is ambitious, but we feel with careful planning, organisation and delegation we can make this happen.  For this reason, Sarah, Kaz and I will lead the overall event with working groups managing events. We will also manage all regulatory permissions, compliance and equipment required (parking, toilets, marquees, marketing, first aid, H&S and insurance).

We welcome input from you all and I thought an informal meeting in the village hall on Wednesday 5 February at 7.30 pm would give us the opportunity to get your input, organise groups and set a date that suits as many as possible.

An initial outline to give you some idea of what we are thinking of is:

Through the day:

Flower festival and village history exhibition in the church
Art and Quilting exhibition in hall
Gardening and children’s competitions
Music events
Skills demonstrations.


Wake up to Wing yoga class in hall or outdoors if fine.
Car boot sale on green
Farmers market stalls on Top Street which will be closed between top of Church Street and Middle Street.
Cookery masterclass in hall kitchen.


Victorian funfair stalls to replace farmers market on Top St.
Face painting, fortune teller, circus tricks workshop on Top Street.
Dog Show on the green.
Morris dancers (outside pub?).
4pm football match on green
Early evening drinks and live music on the green.


Cocktails and Caribbean evening with music and dancing either on Top Street or in marquee near the hall.
Food and drink from breakfast onwards will be provided by external caterers (mobile units) in a Food Court on the village hall car park.  The VH will run a tea and cake cafe also in the Food Court.
I hope as many of you as possible can attend on 5 Feb.
See you there.