St George’s Barracks 3000 homes plan

The St Georges development could change Rutland as we currently know it:

 The “consultation” is now underway – people should be made aware:

The St Georges Plan (opens in a new window)

The closing date for the consultation on the high-level masterplan is 31st May 2018.

 “Up to 3,000 homes, offering a range of house types and tenures to meet the needs of Rutland, supporting the exemplary vision we have for the masterplan”

 The traffic implications alone are huge, probably a further 4000 cars all trying to use Uppingham and Oakham which are already at capacity.

It is important that people voice their opinion now.

St George’s Barracks Consultation

The St George’s Barracks site has been an important part of Rutland and the RAF’s history – but it now plays an equally important role in our future.

The Government announced in November 2016 that the 300-hectare site will be sold after 2020.

Rutland County Council has entered into a partnership with the Ministry of Defence because we want to ensure that any development on the site is controlled, sustainable, in harmony with the county’s environment and with the appropriate investment in public services, infrastructure and affordable housing.

Most of all, we want to make sure our wider community has the chance to input into what happens at the site at the earliest possible stage.

That is why we want your feedback on some early ideas about what could happen, before any detailed plans or proposals are drawn up.

What happens on the site is critical to Rutland’s future, so please do come to one of the events listed below and online at: Full details of the masterplan will also be published online from midday on Friday 11 May.

With your help we can make sure that the development that does take place is right for Rutland.

Oliver Hemsley
Leader of Rutland County Council

Full details are here.