A History of Wing

From David Seviour:

You will almost certainly know that Wing Summer Festival is due to take place on Sunday 26th August which has a whole range of events and activities pulled together for your involvement and enjoyment by the local organising committee chaired by Sally Cox.

I’ve been writing and working on the production of ‘A History of Wing Village and Its Setting 1066 – 2018’, a development of the outline work I had produced for the Neighbourhood Plan Information Weekend held earlier in the year.

I am delighted to be able to tell you that this history will be available as a book on the 26th August. It runs to 20,500 words, 66 A4 pages, and carries 73 photographs, drawings and graphics, many related to old Parish Record photographs. The price is £15 per copy and all proceeds will go to the Wing Church fabric fund and the Village Hall community fund on an equally shared basis.

There will be 300 first edition copies available by the 26th August and sales can be pre-booked on a first come first served basis, with priority to Wing Parish residents. There will be no restriction on the number of copies (within reason) purchased by each resident so non-resident family members can be covered. Hopefully, they will make a great Christmas gift!

Pre-sale bookings can be made by either sending me an e-mailed request/order or dropping a request/order note through my post-box at Dove Cottage, Middle Street, Wing. Pre-sales will be booked in date order of receipt. Matching payments can either be made to me personally in advance or on the collection of the book, both will be receipted for record purposes.

I will be giving a talk and presentation on the work at 11am until 12 noon in the Village Hall on the 26th August at which first copies of the book can also be collected.

Histories of this kind never come to an end so if you have any comments or contributions to make after reading the book please feel free to let me have them.

A companion document, ‘Wing Village: A Walk Through History’, 14 A4 pages, 5,500 words with photographs, providing a guided walk will be made available on a similar basis but in PDF format later in the year.

The book is dedicated to Wing residents and I hope you enjoy the read.

Best Wishes