A History of Wing Village and Its Setting 1066 – 2018

From David Seviour:

‘A History of Wing Village and Its Setting 1066 – 2018’

 As supporters of Wing village, I thought you might be interested in a further update on the above book sales and related donations.

 I can confirm that a total of 71 books plus 6 copies of ‘Wing Village: A Walk Through History’ have been sold to date, yielding £1,080 in total, dispersed £540 to each of the Church Fabric Fund & the Village Hall Community Fund. 

In giving consideration to further marketing of the books on an active basis, I believe that there is still scope for more village sales and scope for sales to visitors. Accordingly, 11 books have been placed with James and Kate Goss at the Kings Arms, and 6 books have been placed on a sale or return basis with Walkers Bookshop in Oakham.

 Books can still be ordered through contacting me.

 Three of the above sales were to the Rutland County Council Library and Museums Service which also might help to generate some demand as well as an interest in visiting Wing.

 Wing Village website I know from feedback generated some interest including visits from two Australian tourists. One of these tourists will have discovered in reading the history on his flight home that two of his ancestors were referred to in the book, one a former Sheriff in 1866, and the other the subject of an early photograph, playing in the WI pipe band!

There is obviously some potential regarding Christmas presents for residents’ relatives and former residents – so think history!

I’ve yet to send a complimentary copy to the Rutland History & Record Society but have been asked to give a talk on it at the Uppingham Local History Group in February which might generate sales. 

Ben Jackson, BBC Radio Leicester also came to Wing and did an interview on aspects of it which I don’t think has been broadcast as yet, and if it is broadcast might also generate some sales.

Any further ideas on sales outlets will be welcomed.

Remember this book is a win-win, a purchaser gets a book AND the gross proceeds go to two local charitable causes.

I hope this helps to report and inform.