A Parlour Concert with Mister Keith – Sat 23 March

A splendid evening of gentle, quirky, expertly crafted – think Ray Davies, Squeeze – stories and the humour by the self-professed originator of “Victorian Pop”.

With song styles varying from jaunty to slow lament, all carried forward by looting melodies and warm, quintessentially English vocals, the bowler-hatted Mister Keith and his mini-orchestra of multi-instrumentalists invoke memories of times gone by. An intimate little gem.

Britain has a happy knack of producing gently quirky lyrical and narrative song-writing and Mister Keith ( the alias of songwriter Keith Ayling ) represents a new addition to this tradition.

With his Parlour Concerts Mister Keith welcomes all on an intimate musical journey by flickering candlelight using expertly crafted songs, stories and humour references a forgotten era. With a nod to Victoriana and English life, Mister Keith and and his small orchestra of multi-instrumentalists bring the audience into a world of charming, bittersweet and darkly romantic song that invokes memories of times gone by, first love and lost love.

“Poppy and accessible in its acoustic finery … eminately listenable” R2 Magazine

“The best musician in a bowler hat – unless Mr Ben plays the guitar!” Big Comfy Folk Club

Tickets can be ordered from me now on 01572 737394 or 

johnahackett@btinternet.com – tickets @ 10 pounds each.

Website misterkeith.com

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uoh42aeGsNw