Anne Thomson and Joanne Beaver rounded up the funds and set in train the obtaining and organisation of the Defibrillator for the village. It is housed in the old telephone box purchased by our perspicacious Parish Council.

If you place a 999 call from the telephone box or your mobile for medical help, and if you need the defibrillator the operator will give you the code to unlock the equipment.

Little, if any, training is required to use it so in an emergency “I’m not trained to use it!” is NOT a valid excuse . However rehearsal can boost the confidence, The equipment speaks to the person using it and instructs on the various actions to be taken. Seconds count!

Whatever you do you can do NO damage to the patient. And it may be family or a friend who is the victim – it could even be ME!


Even though training is NOT required it is a good idea to take one of the periodic classes in the Village Hall which are announced here.

WATCH THE VIDEO BEFORE YOU NEED TO. Watching a video while a loved one is dying is not a good plan.

All in all, if you must have a heart attack Wing is a good place to have one.