Welcome to 2020 Walk


New Year’s Day – we are planning a gentle 2-5 mile walk which will be led by Paul Kitson (of “walks 100 miles at a time, Kitson”) which will start from the Village Hall at about 11am.

Please bring your dogs as it will be largely footpath and bridleway walking. We’ll be stopping at a surprise location either en route or towards the end of the walk where we hope to have a bonfire and drinks/nibbles.

For those that don’t want to do the walk you would be welcome to meet at the bonfire venue to join in and indeed to volunteer to help with the drinks. Vouchers should be purchased in advance for those that would like drinks so that we can properly cater. Contact Helen Cullen (cullens135@gmail.com) or Lynne Kitson (lyn225@hotmail.com) for more details.

There will be an alternative inclement weather plan.