Domestic Abuse

During the lockdown due the COVID19 pandemic it is recognised that the risks of domestic abuse occurring is significantly raised.  This is being reflected in a reported 25% increase in calls for help.  Domestic abuse does not discriminate, neither does COVID19, on your social or economic status, nor urban or rural environments.  If you are at risk or suffering domestic abuse please see the following information which may help you at this time.

Please also be aware of the Silent Solution system. This is a system for victims of domestic abuse who might be afraid of further danger and escalation of harm if they are overheard when calling 999 in an emergency. When somebody calls 999, an operator will ask which emergency service is required. If the caller is unable to audibly signal to the operator, the call will be forwarded to an operating system.  If 55 is pressed by the caller, the system will detect this. The operator will then transfer the call to the relevant police force as an emergency.