Rutland County Council has launched a dedicated crisis helpline

Rutland County Council has launched a dedicated crisis helpline for vulnerable people who have been impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19) and have no one to support them.

The NHS has been contacting people who have been identified as being extremely vulnerable to coronavirus because they have a serious health condition. These people are being urged to shield themselves and stay indoors and avoid contact with others for 12 weeks, during which time they can request support to help access food and medicine as part of a national support scheme. Further details of this can be found on the government’s website.

Rutland County Council has been supporting some of the county’s most vulnerable residents, who they have been made aware of, for the past few weeks with food deliveries, while the national scheme was implemented. They now want to make it as easy as possible for people to access the support available.

The crisis helpline is available for all people who are ‘shielding’ and have concerns about their access to food and medicine or they are feeling isolated and require support.

The crisis helpline is also available for people who do not meet the government’s criteria for ‘extremely vulnerable’ but due to their circumstances still require immediate support including vulnerable, self-isolating individuals who have nobody to get them food and medicines and are not in receipt of a government food parcel.

The number to call for help is: 01572 729603 and the helpline is available Monday to Friday (including bank holidays) from 9am to 8pm.

Wing Parish Council has created a COVID 19 response team with volunteers working to help support shielded, vulnerable and self-isolating Wing residents who need food and medicines and is working in parallel and with the knowledge of Rutland County Council. Susannah Fish, chairman of the COVID 19 response team says

“Wing has an amazing support network and volunteers who already are providing and are volunteering all kinds of help and support to our very close community. It is likely that if you do contact Rutland County Council directly you will be referred to the Wing COVID 19 response team in any case as it is there, up and running and available. So, I would suggest that in the first instance Wing residents contact the Wing helpline which is manned from 9am to 9pm every day as this will enable Rutland County Council to concentrate on supporting those in communities which are not so fortunate and do not have the close support networks that villages such as Wing has.”

Please do mention this note to any residents who you believe are vulnerable and have no access to other support. If anyone in Wing is aware of a neighbour or neighbours who have no help or support or where they are concerned for their welfare then please call the Wing helpline on 01572 373922. The COVID 19 response team will liaise with Rutland County Council as necessary in our efforts to ensure appropriate help and support is provided.