Art Competition!

Art Competition

Calling all Wing children, grandchildren and adults too! Would you like to enter a free, fun art competition with a nature/wildlife theme? Pictures big or small are welcome using any medium you choose. If you don’t have paper or materials to use, please drop Carolyn an email (see below).

Our local artists Mary Rodgers and Angela Harding have kindly agreed to judge the entries with separate categories for children age 9 and under, those aged 10-15 and adults.

The best entries will be published on the Wing village website and the winning entry for each category will receive a £10 gift voucher plus goodies from Angela’s merchandise. When open again we would like to display the art in the church.

Please deliver entries with your name on the back and age (children only) into the porch at 2 Westhorpe Close by Saturday 30 May please.


VE Day in Wing

From Paul Brewer:

Today, to celebrate the 75 year anniversary of the end of the War in Europe, Wing Village had intended to celebrate in style with street parties etc. Unfortunately, we are all “Locked Down”.
Instead, we are going to ring these home made bells on a Cue from the Church clock at 15:00, or whenever it feels like it’s 15:00.  Followed by a toast and eating of celebration cake.

Aujourd’hui, pour célébrer le 75e anniversaire de la fin de la guerre en Europe, Wing Village avait l’intention de célébrer avec style avec des fêtes de rue, etc. Malheureusement, nous sommes tous “enfermés”.
Au lieu de cela, nous allons faire sonner ces cloches faites maison sur un signal de l’horloge de l’église à 15h00, ou chaque fois qu’il aura l’impression qu’il est 15h00. Suivi d’un toast et d’un gâteau de fête.

Heute, um das 75-jährige Jubiläum des Kriegsendes in Europa zu feiern, hatte Wing Village vorgehabt, mit Straßenfesten usw. stilvoll zu feiern. Leider sind wir alle “gesperrt”.
Stattdessen läuten wir diese hausgemachten Glocken auf einem Stichwort von der Kirchenuhr um 15:00 Uhr oder wann immer es sich anfühlt, als wäre es 15:00 Uhr. Gefolgt von einem Toast und Essen von Festkuchen.

And here are “The Bells” Finished just on time last night.

Et voici “The Bells” Terminé juste à temps hier soir.

Und hier sind “The Bells”, die letzte Nacht pünktlich fertiggestellt wurden.



We are to celebrate the anniversary of V.E.Day this coming Friday. I will certainly do that, though in 1945 my day was not one of celebration. I was at that time doing my R.A.F. initial training at Torquay, following on from a University Air Squadron 6 months course and prior to going on to pilot training at Brough in Yorkshire. We were stationed at the converted Grand Hotel, which I believe had 7 floors. Following pre breakfast P.E. on the lawns of the nearby Belgrade Hotel and then breakfast we lined up for our quota of inoculations from the medics. Then the “fun” started. Our instructor, F/Sgt Brown, told us to get into full kit including gas masks and to assemble by the bottom of the lift shaft.

Obeying orders we did just that and he told us we needed exercise to get the inoculations firmly into our systems. “I am going to the top of the lift” he said “and when I get there I will blow this ere whistle and you will double up the stairs to me. Then I will go down again and blow it from the bottom and you will double down. We’ll repeat this until I think you’ve had enough. The day is then yours to celebrate.” Enough was a good hour later and most of us lay down on our bunks to recover. I awoke some time later and went down to Torquay centre just in time to get the last celebratory sandwiches and buns from the Salvation Army canteen.

It was certainly a day to remember.