Wing Art Competition

From Carolyn Comben:

The winners were: 
Age 9 and under
Age 10-15
Joint winners Hattie and Freya
Joint winners Wendy Dalton and Fiona Cairns
Well done and thank you to everyone who entered the competition and our judges.  We hope to run another one in the future.

Congratulations to children and adults who submitted entries to the fun art competition. What talented people our village people and their relatives are!  I had such pleasure receiving and looking at the imaginative and beautiful wildlife themed entries that I wanted to share them with everyone so here they are.  I hope to display them in the church when it is open again. 

Many thanks to Angela and Mary for their help with judging.


Ages 9 and under

Lucas (age 4

Squirrel by Lola (age 6)

By Poppy (age 6)

Seasons by Darcy (age 8)

Ages 10-15

Emily (age 13)

Freya (age 12)

Hattie ( age 11 )

Amy (age 11)


‘Canine Caffeine’ by Amber-Rose Bedwell


Springtime by Fiona Cairns

Jack Vickerman

Annabelle Brewin

Lyn Walsh

Jess Whight

‘A Moment in Time’ by Shirley Smith

Wendy Dalton