A Health Plan for Rutland as of Sept 2019. It has changed since then!!

HPR Proceedings PDF

The Rutland Health and Social Care Policy Consortium

Foreword by Conference Chair – Sir Laurence Howard

Dear Colleagues

It was wonderful to see so many Rutlanders come together at the County Museum on 4″ September to discuss a subject close to all our hearts. We are all concerned that future provision for the health of our community should be the very best possible.

I was hugely impressed by the range and level of discussion among the many delegates and their perceptions of both the specific health needs of our people and how the new NHS Long Term Plan could be applied effectively to Rutland.

Most of all I was impressed by people’s willingness to work together to get the best possible plan for the health of Rutland. With goodwill and co-operation it can be done.

This report draws together the strands of a very lively and wide-ranging discussion and sets out the main themes.

Big challenges lie ahead for all concerned but I know the Rutland community will tackle it constructively and in fellowship. They will help shape a local health service fit for the 215 century.

Thank you all for your magnificent contributions.

Laurence Howard

You can read the full proceedings below.