Wanted: A WordPress Apprentice Admin

In the mists of time ( about 7 or 8 Years ago ) I designed and built a village website wingrutland.uk using free hosting at WordPress.com .

As I’m in my late 70’s I’m looking for a WordPress apprentice to work with me and eventually take over. The village hall committee, who requested it, want to keep doing it on a volunteer basis and using free hosting and it has been possible to satisfy their ever-increasing needs with this solution. WordPress is behind over 50% of the world’s websites. There are other solutions on the market but they emphasize how easy to build a website but IF they have a free version it is limited by either the size of the website, the size of the files or many other gotchas. They all have paid plans that get round some of the restrictions but they cost ££££.

If I was to turn it over to a commercial enterprise they would charge upwards of £50/hr. Less than that I would not trust them.

So this is a golden opportunity for someone of any age less than 70 to learn at the feet of a ( forgive my boasting ) master. I’ve built websites since the web was invented using every tool known to man/woman. I even know and have worked with Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the web.