Stolen dogs and other pets

Stolen dogs and other pets.

Losing your pet is like losing one of your family. But stealing one is on the increase since Covid and lockdowns because people who have never had a pet or missed a lost one from their childhood are prepared to pay anything to get one to help them through the lockdowns – and criminals are taking advantage of this and stealing pets from the owner’s homes.

If you are thinking of buying one then make sure it is “chipped” ( if you already own a dog it is “chipped” already, isn’t it?), so it can be identified and its history can be traced before you part with any money.

If you are buying it from a recognised dealer or one of the rescue charities they should provide you with this information but if you have fallen in love with an offered animal then a vet will be able to use this chip to tell you what vaccinations it has already had.

There a crime wave in this country ( probably worldwide ) to steal and sell on pets, dogs in particular, because a dog can be worth a lot of money to a thief with very little risk – and they are active in Rutland and surrounding counties now!

I have heard of a non-pedigree ( but cute! ) being sold for £3,500! Current owners make sure your pet is secure at all times. It takes seconds to lure a friendly dog into a van. And prospective owners should always check on to see if they are being offered a stolen dog.