100 Miles in 30 Days

From: Judith Oakley

PLEASE – a new payment system, not using BACS. CAPTAIN TOM 100 Challenge.

The family of Cpt Tom are challenging others to do a 100 ‘somethings’ in his honour by May 3rd.

I am taking on this challenge, 100 miles in 30 days, to help to fund the rebuild of the wall of Wing Parish Church. I am hoping 100 people will each sponsor me a penny (or more!) a mile. I measure the distance I walk on the pedometer on my phone so I will have proof I have done it BUT can’t guarantee the exact measurement!

I have been walking round my garden daily since June (even when covered in snow and ice).

Could you please pay the sponsorship money to the Church via this recently created new online giving page which enables UK taxpayers to donate under the Gift Aid scheme, which augments the size of their donation by 25%. Here is the link: – https://givealittle.co/campaigns/eec37098-504e-45ce-b934-59435e869a15 or just put the money in my mailbox at 6 Top Street, Wing.

I am starting today and hope to have completed the challenge by May 3rd – I will keep you posted with my progress about every 10 days.