The future of Wing Village Hall

Wing Village Hall is a fantastic asset for our community and we all want to see it used to benefit the village as much as possible, but its management is also a significant responsibility. 

The Village Hall Management Committee has recently dissolved and in the short term the Parish Council, as Trustee of the Village Hall charity, is obliged by the Charity Commission to ensure that the Hall continues to function, in terms of honouring existing bookings and maintaining effective administration.

We must look to make a fresh start with a new Management Committee as quickly as possible.

In this regard we plan to call a meeting in the Village Hall that all the village can attend in September – a date will be arranged as soon as we are sure we’ll be free of Covid restrictions – so that everyone who wishes can have a say in how the hall should be run and in establishing a new Committee.  

In the meantime, we’d love to hear your ideas on the use and management of the Hall, especially from anyone who might be interested in joining (or rejoining!) the Committee and organising events for the village.  

If you’d like to help – you don’t have to wait for the September meeting. Please get in touch with the Parish Council Chair, Ken Siddle, 6 Church Street, or Vice-Chair, Jon Roberts, 3A Top Street,