The Village Hall Committee

Message from Sally Cox:

We invite anyone attending Monday’s village hall meeting to take an LFT beforehand. Please do not attend if you test positive or are experiencing symptoms. Should not be able to attend and wish to share views or information do please let Sally Cox have those before 7pm Monday...

Following on from our communications at the end of last year and in order to get events moving this year, I am working with the Parish Council who is the trustee for the hall, to re-establish a full committee to handle the day to day matters of the hall as well as arranging village events. This year that will be especially important as we have the Queen’s Platinum celebrations. 

As an initial step, I propose holding a meeting at the village hall at 7pm on Monday 17 January for those interested in either taking one of the ‘key’ roles on the committee or forming part of a database of contacts to help with fundraising events.

As an insight for those who have not been involved before, the committee conducts the day to day business of the hall – hiring, maintenance, compliance.

Key roles are the Chair, the Treasurer, Booking Secretary and Hall Manager. Additional roles, if there are sufficient volunteers, are a Minutes Secretary and Vice-Chair.  We currently have these roles filled by volunteers who have stepped up but anyone willing to participate at this level is warmly welcomed and will help those currently acting who may not be available in the longer term.  Meetings tend to take place every 4-6 weeks throughout the year and the AGM will take place shortly.

We will also discuss the possibility of setting up a list of contacts for the social events of the village and those people willing to help out in this capacity.

Anyone interested in hearing about what goes on at the village hall and who may be able to help in one way or another is invited to attend.

Many thanks

Sally Cox