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The Hogarths and Storm Desmond

Email from Jeanette Hogarth re:Storm Desmond:
We are fine although it seems to have been raining for days. Richard fitted a water barrel to the shed roof yesterday and it is already full. Richard took Nell out in his oilskins , she was not impressed as Richard is rather tall but by the time he got to the woods it had stopped raining (for a while). Many things have been cancelled due, mostly  to the high winds.


The lights and market stalls were due to be switched on last Sunday but were cancelled. It was thought they it might happen this week but the weather is bad again and the stall holders have other shows to go to. If we have any sense it is better to stay at home in the dry which I think most people are doing . The folk in Maryport and Flimby seem to have been hit the worst according to the television last night. The drains just cannot cope.


Off to the Pie and Chips, what a night to chose to go out at least the hall is only 5mins away.

Judith’s Knee Op

Update Monday 16th Nov:

Stitches out. Zimmer walker returned. Walking cane thrown away. Cleared to DRIVE. Surgeon’s grading, “Progress excellent”. But still several weeks of physio.

Update Friday 6th Nov:

She’s home! Surgery went well. She will no doubt tell you all about it when she is less drugged up.

Judith Oakley’s knee was replaced successfully this morning in a 3-hour operation at St Joseph’s Hospital, Bellingham.

The surgeon described it as the worst knee he had seen in 14 years but as it was all replaced there should be no further problems.

She is expected to be home at the end of the week.

The (Final) Final Vulcan Flight

A remarkable display season that took her to supporters across the country, including 3 appearances over Rutland Water, and a remarkable chapter in British aviation history, closed when XH558 touched down for the last time on Wednesday. It was a tense morning as rain lashed the hangar with the agreed take-off time fast approaching, but thanks to the flexibility of the airport, a later slot was provided and the final flight of one of the world’s most magnificent aircraft was given the green light.

For more information see the latest news from XH558