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Wing Parish Council has made application to Rutland County Council for Designating the Wing Parish, as indicated on the featured Plan, as an area for the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan. The Parish Council Resolutions related to this process from the 29th March Meeting are also set out herein. Rutland County Council will be conducting its own public consultation processes as required by law.

The Wing Parish Council has established, through its local call for volunteers, a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group as a Sub-committee of the Parish Council. The Steering Group will take a lead in the formulation of such plan through the involvement and consultation of all residents, businesses, employers, and landowners within the proposed Designated Area – the Parish of Wing.

Over the coming months, assuming that the Designation is approved by Rutland County Council, there will be an ongoing opportunity for you to express your views and contribute your knowledge and expertise to the Plan’s formulation. This is an important project for the future of our community and the final Draft Plan will be the subject of a local referendum as required by law.

Further details and contacts are under the Neighbourhood Plan section of the Main Menu,





Angela Harding on June 3-4th  10th 11th.

Alison Seviour on June 3rd – 4th.  18th – 24th-25th.

Mary Rodgers on June 10th – 11th.  17th – 18th.

For other times contact the artists.

Look out for the Open Studios Brochures  in shops and pubs etc.

or download a brochure  from

The bells, the bells – well, more accurately, The Bell – HAS BEEN FOUND!


There has been a handbell in use in the Village Hall for sometime – but for the last few weeks it has been missing. We could easily and cheaply replace it but it actually belongs to one of our community – and has sentimental great sentimental value.

Here is an artist’s impression of the handbell in question. The handle may be different as may be the actual bell and it is a little battered and worn ( aren’t we all) but the egg alongside gives you some idea of scale.


So if you have seen it around or know where it is please let Joanne Beaver or Paul Brewer, the Hall Manager, know and peace and harmony will settle over the WI, the Quilters and all the other groups that use it to attract attention.

And now for our younger viewers…

There is something extraordinary happening in the world

This village web site may not be the most appropriate location for this but I have just read a compelling article that encapsulates what I’ve been slowly coming around to thinking about society. Feel free to ignore this if you are happy with the status quo but if you are not then read this.

Don’t Criticise The NHS

With all the criticism of the NHS, here is a cutting from the Cascadia Weekly, the local free paper for the Pacific Northwest of the USA. , Although it is about poison oak, which we in the UK don’t see ( it’s like supercharged nettles), it is typical of the run around you get under the US medical system. This is the system our government want to model the NHS on….

wonky medical system
Cascadia Weekly