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Rutland Weather Monday 11th Dec

Met Office Warnings Issued For:Rutland

  1. Yellow warning of ice

    0400 on Mon 11 December
    1100 on Mon 11 December
    Updated 10 December at 14:43 Active

    Ice is expected to form across many places overnight into Monday morning.

    Some injuries are likely from slips and falls on icy surfaces as well as icy patches on some untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths.

    As well as this lying snow from Sunday will continue to be a hazard leading to longer and potentially hazardous journeys.

Weather Report

From Paul Brewer:

It will be irrelevant to most of you, and you may not be able to communicate amongst yourselves anyway, but, for what it is worth here is the state of play as regards the weather and roads here in Wing.

Today (Sun 10th) was seniors Christmas lunch. Because of the importance of the event, the path up to the car park and the car park itself was cleared of snow and gritted. As of 18:00 today the track and car park are clear of snow and black in colour right down to the road.
The gravel car park, to the left, as you enter, has not been cleared and is difficult to drive on with other than a 4X4.

Wing village was effectively cut off this morning and was so up until midday. Wing hill coming in from Preston was very slippery and my car could not get down, let alone up it.
However by mid-afternoon a gritting lorry came through, from Manton I think, so the road had been cleared. It is now freezing hard and I don’t know what the state will be tomorrow morning. I shall be attempting a doctors visit to Uppingham in the morning and will report road conditions on my return midday.

Can I suggest if you are interested in conditions local to Wing you look on our village website where we will try to keep up to date information available while conditions are rough.

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