All hirers should use this form to make reservation requests. Not doing so may result in a delay to your reservation request being considered.


Before proceeding please read the

Hiring Agreement

Standard Conditions of Hire

Fire Risk Assessment

and, if applicable, the Alcohol Policy.


By providing us with your personal data, you consent to our processing your personal data for the purposes set out below. This data will not be kept on the website but will be formatted as an email message to the Booking Secretary, Treasurer and Hall Manager and you will receive a copy too. It will conform to EU GDPR Rules. We will keep your personal data only for as long as we are required to in order to validate your hire request and contact you, to send you an invoice or invoices and for any statutory purposes.

You will receive a copy of this (your) message. Please note it is not a confirmation – the Booking Secretary will come back to you within 3 business days to confirm your booking.

If your reservation is confirmed, no contractual obligation on either party arises until full payment has been made for the Hire Period.

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