Traffic Calmed in Wing

With the steady stream of agitated cars driving through the village the Parish Council have stroked their collective beards and settled on a Radar Speed Indicator. This now stands at the Morcott road entrance to the village. It is not fitted with ANPR at the moment and appears to be uninterested in Cycles or indeed any speed below about 20 mph. Henceforth there can be no excuse for drivers not realising they are speeding. Here are some shots taken after the ceremonial ribbon cutting yesterday. These are more for our overseas readers than residents but a note for historical purposes as well.

Traffic Calming 2

Look, all digital!

Traffic Calming 1

Scruffy looking Wing sign. Time for a clean?

Traffic Calming 3

Bryan, deputy chair carefully negotiating the device.

Traffic Calming 4

At certain angles the 30 sign obstructs the view of the display. Perhaps move one or the other.