Clean for the Queen

  1. CLEAN FOR THE QUEENWell. The Day has come and is going. The weather was just right, not too hot and no rain. As usual there were almost too many volunteers for this community activity. The various teams spread out and covered as many of the village roads as possible. There was a Bicycle found lurking in a ditch and the finders David and Alison Saviour, having dragged it back to the hall were given the prize. Richard Tulloch, organiser of the extravaganza has decided that if there are no claimers for the bike he will use it in his next Christmas show. Apparently he has the ability to right a cycle backwards. Here are a few shots taken during the morning to let you people who preferred lying abed to see what you missed.

All my own work

Wing’s very own Bag Lady!

Were Allright

We’re only here for the tea (WiFi) John Oakley, in his new role as Ambassador for BT Internet, popped into the hall to collect his mail while all the work was going on. He was quite indignant to find BT had cleared his fault off as User Error, when in fact he has had no internet for the best part of a week and it looks like for a few more days he is going to be equally deprived of stimulation.

Just like that

Another of Richard’s fishing stories

The collection

Most, but not all, that was collected from around our village.

I shall sit on it backwards

Of course, you have to imaging I am facing the rear.


Is this the Royal Gardener?

The Bike that was found had on it some labels in English and German, here is a shot of them in case they help with identification. The bike itself is not in bad condition and could easily be brought back to a working condition. If there are no owner to claim it does anyone want it? It is heading for the tip otherwise.

Bike labels

Investigation has established where the bike came from and who dumped it.

As can be seen from the collection of full black bags, a successful day was had, with more unfortunately out there.

Any Volunteers?