Lets Celebrate Being British

Regardless of the outcome of the EU Referendum we are a British village. So why not celebrate this by putting on a traditional British Pantomime this Christmas. We must have a wealth of talent in the village, many of which have been involved in days of yore in the Village Panto. Surely we can put together a group to keep this tradition alive. It is part of the British culture which we should not let die.

We took our granddaughters to a Panto in Vancouver, Canada, last Christmas and they LOVED it. If a few ex-pats with no experience can entertain a theatre full of neighbours we should be able to do the same or better. Join the discussion on our Facebook page. If you are not a Facebook user, why not? Over half the WORLD is now. We have a closed group ( to keep out half the world ) if you want an invitation to join the group send me, John Oakley, a message any way you would like. Stop me in the street. I still don’t move very fast. But preferably email me at john@wingonline.com .