Wing Cook Book Goes International – again*

Recently your reporter sent a copy of the Wing Bakes and Cakes cook book to some friends in Germany, a couple who came to my Birthday Bash a century ago. They were the “Mad Cyclists” who Cycled over from their small Town near Kiel. Christa, the distaff side of the partnership, is no mean cook herself and as recipient of the cake she made from the books recipes I can say it is going to do my diet no good at all!

Below is the letter that came with the cake.

International cook book

Below is a shot of what remains, and it isn’t a day old yet!

The cake

It’s an Engadine Nut Cake ( Endaginer Nusstorte) from Jacqueline Stroubinger-Bremar.

A most unusual and delicious construction, difficult to describe. I would say a cross between cake and shortbread biscuit. But then I have had a sheltered life.

I should add here that I am available at almost any time apart from when I am modifying peoples boilers, to give an opinion on almost anything edible from a delicate fairy cake to a humble cheese Sandwich.

* there have already been copies bought in Australia, Canada, US and South Africa.