Wheatsheaf Latest

As a regular attendee to the Wheatsheaf Pub in Edith Weston I, like many others, was horrified to discover it had been subject to a fire in the living quarters.

Many of us have been eyeing the damaged building and wondering when we were going to get back to Steak Nights again. Several people have remarked how they miss not only the beer and friendly atmosphere but the original Wallpaper.

Today (Wednesday 24 August) your correspondent met John the landlord when he was in Wing tending his sheep. He tells me that the delay, apart from the usual formalities, has been complicated by the discovery of Asbestos in the roof. That has just been cleared and work will be starting again in earnest. John’s latest information is that the Pub MAY be re opening in November of this year. It is hoped that more towards the time an announcement will be made in the press and Parish Magazine.

I forgot to ask what started the fire in the first place so we will have to suffice with the rumour that a tumble drier was at fault. More on this if I see John again.