From Gerry Robinson, organizer of a petition to stop the proposed one way system in Oakham

As we enter the final week of the petition before handover next Thursday, with well over 2,400 signatures, including hard copy forms, (2200 from Rutland and 1200 from Oakham alone), I have a few important points to brief you on:

Hand over has been confirmed with Rutland County Council to be at 16:00 on Thursday 14th December. It was decided last night that we will meet at the Market Square at 15:30 and march down to the Council Offices together. This may well be the first protest march that Oakham has seen in a very long time and I received confirmation last night that the BBC will be there to film it… So please, be there and show your support!

OK2WAY A formal protest group to run the wider campaign of which this petition forms a part has been formed. OK2WAY will be chaired by Tim Norton of Tim Norton Motors and will plan and coordinate all activities from now until the final RCC Council Meeting regarding the One-Way proposal in March 2018. The media, all local papers, local radio and the BBC have been briefed accordingly.

STREET STALL OK2WAY will hold their first Street Stall, in Oakham Market Square, this Saturday, 9th December, from 09:00 till 13:00. Please come along and support us. There will be hard copy petition forms to sign if you have friends / family who haven’t signed yet and bright One Way / No Way leaflets which you can display to show your support. We hope to see you there tomorrow. With 300+ supporters in each Oakham Ward and another thousand elsewhere in Rutland, I believe that the Councillors and our MP are beginning to really feel the pressure – So, let’s keep it up! Useful Contacts / Links beneath my signature as usual Thank you for your support

Gerry Robinson

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