What is there to be cheerful about this time of year?

With the nights drawing in and the temperature dropping, what with more and more football on the TV, Cricket now fading away. Even Coronation street actors becoming a rare species, there is not much to stop one being depressed. Now that the Maze work has been done you could venture out if it wasn’t so cold.


If you are Pensioner. If you do now, or ever have, lived in Wing, or have been a regular attendee at Wing events. Then it could be construed that there is a bright spot on the horizon.

As was last year, this year there will be another Christmas Lunch Spectacular. An auspicious date has been chosen and I am at liberty to tell you it will be held on :-

    SUNDAY December 10

As last year, assemble at the Village Hall at 12:30 for 13:00pm

In keeping with the a whole year’s tradition, the menu will be

TURKEY with all the trimmings          (a new Turkey)

As it has now been decided that order and discipline is required after last year’s disgraceful carry on with several people having to be turned away. A strict check will be kept on those attending.

As part of these security measures potential attendees should give their names and their choice of Sweet, Afters or Desert to Paul Brewer.

He is to be found at the Village Hall every Thursday Morning looking after the temperature of Mrs Holden’s second cuppa and the general hygiene of Coffee Morning. Be prepared to show proof of identity residency and possibly antecedents.

This year the menu choice will be:-




Let him know what your choice is and the organisers will ensure you get a prime seat at the feast.

If you are a bit squeamish about dealing with a defrocked treasurer then you could contact Mary Rodgers directly.

An auction is taking place for the Wish Bone, sealed bits to the lad please.

This year the 100 Club prizes will feature £100 first, £60 Second and £30 Third. Richard, the club Supremo will be in attendance. your chance to lobby for a place on the restricted list.

If you wonder what gets Roger so Happy


Then Be there!





He only comes ashore once a year, why?

They only come ashore at Christmas for a drink

For the Lunch of course!