Important Meeting at the Village Hall on Wednesday 17th at 7pm to consider a major change in the way the money is collected for the maintenance and repair of the village hall is used.

The Parish Council have not posted any notices anywhere in the village informing the residents of this but it is scheduled.

The Parish Council, as Trustee of the Charity Wing Community Centre (Wing Village Hall) wishes to seek the approval of Wing’s community to extend the Scheme governing the Charity to enable the Village Hall Management Committee to spend monies raised in the future, in excess of that required to maintain and develop the Village Hall, on activities of wider benefit to the community.

The Charity was originally established to established to ring-fence the funds raised for the benefit of the village hall ONLY, to ensure it was kept to a high standard. At present the trust document restricts how monies raised can be spent.

If the village residents wish to agree to this change this will require a change to the Charity Commission Objectives.

The proposed change could release the constraints put upon the Parish Council by the originators of the Charity some 34 years ago to prevent the Parish Council using the funds for anything other than the maintenance and repair of the Village Hall.

The residents have for 34 years used the Village Hall as a base for fundraising for ANY good cause without let or hindrance. Please come along to hear how the proposed changes could work.


It is important that residents are fully informed about the impact these changes could have.

All are Welcome and Encouraged to attend.