Mad Hatters Tea Party

Sunday 25th March 2017 was the Mad Hatters Tea Party. Here are a few photos taken at the event. If you have any please send them along to either Paul or John so we can get them up for all to see.

Mad Hatters 1a

Mary with her Ostrich Egg, fresh from S.Africa showing them how it’s done at the start of the event.

Mad Hatters 2a

A few tentative early birds trying the Maze

Mad Hatters 4a

Getting into their stride now.

Mad Hatters 6a

Helen showing how well Richards Blue Tack works.

Mad Hatters 8a

The umpires trying to make a decision as to whether Chris should start from the beginning or not.

Mad Hatters 12a

Unilaterally, Chris started from half way. Claiming she only wanted a small egg.

Mad Hatters 15a

Demonstrating that it is a serious business this egg and spoon racing.

Mad Hatters 23a

The Tea Party For Real.

Mad Hatters 24a

And what a spread there was!