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Retired radio fitter, RAF, Airwork and Vodafone. U/T School Caretaker till sacked for attacking youngster. Recently obtained a lathe and mill and spend time learning how to machine mostly metal. No interest in gardening or house work but good at eating. Most of the things I have attempted seem to explode in my hand, I still have all my fingers but only just.

Snow Lyndon to North Luffenham 22:00 Sat. 3/3

I had to go to my night school class in North Luffenham this evening. I decided to try the Lyndon to N. Luffenham road. It is open, the plough has been through but it is single track most of the way and very rough with packed snow covering the road. If you are of a nervous disposition don’t use it. And it matters not what you are driving the road is awfully long if you have to reverse. It will probably be a huge 4 x 4 that can only run in the middle of the road.

My course? Intermediate Book Keeping. The teacher didn’t turn up!

Snow and roads round Wing 12:00 Sat 3/3

It looks as if it’s nearly over folks.

My car is a standard 2WD and not very clever on snow. However.

I went to Uppingham to get a snow shovel. There are none! However, the roads out of Wing are clear black tarmac even on Preston road.

Main roads are clear with people speeding again. I came back via Manton and tried Manton to Wing,  again clear, with hardly any slush even.

I went to Morcott via Pilton. Passable with some snow in places to Pilton. Pilton to Morcott, over the top, clear but snowy underfoot.I did not try but the road to South Luffenham looked passable with car tracks visible at Pilton.

Morcott to Wing clear with snow in places and where there is an abandoned car reduced to single file. Passable with care.

Pilton to Lyndon clear with snow, the ploughs have punched through drifts so it looks impressive but passable.

Lyndon to Wing  upover the bridge. Clear and easy going.

Village Hall driveway has a covering of snow but only maybe an inch, I did not run over it to save compressing it.

Wing to Glaston from Morcott road. Black tracks till half way down the hill after Mill Close where the plough obviously failed to get through. Unusable!

Temperature at the time was +1C so it is thawing.


Snow and Wing Late Friday afternoon 2 March

I had an urgent need to get to Corby and have just got back at 17:00.

My route, Wing Preston Uppingham Caldicott Corby.

Preston road out of Wing is quite passable except for the drifting just before the barn conversion. There the road is single file for about 20 meters.

Main road to Uppingham was black tarmac but there are some hefty drifts on the left between Preston and the A47 roundabout. A plough has been through but if it blocks that is where it will be.

On the high ground half way to Caldicot there are again some drifts of magnificent size. A plough has been through but there is some slush on the road in places. This could well freeze tonight. Caldicott to Corby again black tarmac.

There was a strong wind and light snowfall as I returned. Roads were OK but things could well change later tonight.

Again, I would not recommend day tripping in these conditions.



Snow and Wing Friday2 March

At 11:00 today, having finished the aerobics at the hall I did a trip round the route Wing, Preston, Manton and back via Manton hill.

The hill out of Wing by the Camp site is tricky but quite passable, some slush on the downhill side. Uphill black tarmac.

The Preston road is OK bar from about twenty metres just before the barn conversion where drifting has reduced it to single track.

Preston to Manton on the main road is black Tarmac, as is the turn in to Manton.

Turning off down the road to the station is passable with a vehicle with high ground clearance. A Range Rover, possibly Sally’s went carefully through and there was daylight below the chassis. I got through with my Vauxhall Insignia and felt it riding up on the central part of the snow drift remains. The road is mostly single track.

At no time was I stuck or in trouble but if you don’t need to use the road don’t bother.

A little academic now but the roadway up to the Hall car park has been cleared and is black tarmac. The footpaths all round the hall and as far as the Church entrance are clear and gritted. The car park itself which is horizontal is still covered with snow but although messy underneath is no problem to drive on with just a modicum of Cocum.


Snow in Wing Thursday 1 March

The snow in Wing is now somewhat thicker but today, Thursday, it was possible to get out of the village with care towards Preston. Early afternoon I came back to Wing from Preston and with the increased wind the road was getting drifts across, reducing it in places to single track working.

I am trying to get the road up to the Hall car park clear for a Funeral tomorrow Friday. It is clear now but I won’t know what things are like till the morning. The wind has dropped as I right this. I will try to get an up to date on line tomorrow but my priority is snow clearing.



Snow in Wing

As of midday Wednesday 28 February, the side roads in wing are very difficult. I was able to get to Uppingham via Preston but I found it difficult with a normal 2WD car. I would not advise using that route unless you are experienced in snow and have a 4×4.

I have not bothered to clear the drive up to the hall. It is still snowing in Wing as this is written.

Paul Brewer

Snow in Wing

Wednesday 27 February 12:00

Roads in and out of Wing village are clear. with gritters overnight and again mid morning. Biggest problem is cars running out of road.

The slope up to the hall has snow on it but was passable when I was there mid morning.

Paul Brewer

100 Club Christmas Grand Draw

The 100 Club organiser, after much thought decided that this year the boat should be pushed out to attract the serious investor. Whilst £25 is a useful amount even today, £100 really is enough to start a small business or buy an Automobile.

A very closely observed draw  saw the third prize go to No. 37, Rosalind King. The second prize went to No. 6, Mick Rodgers, Mary was heard later telling him he could not go on a world cruise.

After much rolling of drums the first prize drawn from the Christmas sack was No. 44 Robina Curley of Wing Hall.

Below is a photograph of the Draw organiser presenting the prize to Robina. The other figure is your occasional society reporter and bodyguard. Prizes were given in cash so an armoured van had to be hired for the presentation. A mistake as it could not negotiate the ice in Wing. The monies were delivered on foot, the couriers changing into working clothes so as not to attract attention.

Robin 100Club winner g

Wednesday Night is Curry Night!

Actually, it’s Steak night at the Weatsheaf

I and a few other grumpy old men go there every Wednesday and have for a couple of years. The food is always good and the drinks excellent.

However. On the 17th of January we are going to have to cancel our curry night in order to attend the meeting at Wing Village Hall to discuss proposals concerning the Charity Document rules controlling the Hall itself. Our small group have yet to have a serious talk about where we stand but it crosses my mind that many people in the Parish of Wing may not be aware of this document. I am sticking it up here so at least everyone can have a look at it before the meeting. It is difficult reading if you are fairly uneducated like myself but if you are interested in your Hall there are some interesting bits. I can do no more than urge you to plough through it.

I should point out that this is not the current document. It is essentially the same though so for purposes of the discussion better than nothing. I believe the council have an up to date copy of this document but so far I have been unable to get sight of it except across a table.

Charity Commisioners Document