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Retired radio fitter, RAF, Airwork and Vodafone. U/T School Caretaker till sacked for attacking youngster. Recently obtained a lathe and mill and spend time learning how to machine mostly metal. No interest in gardening or house work but good at eating. Most of the things I have attempted seem to explode in my hand, I still have all my fingers but only just.

What is there to be cheerful about this time of year?

With the nights drawing in and the temperature dropping, what with more and more football on the TV, Cricket now fading away. Even Coronation street actors becoming a rare species, there is not much to stop one being depressed. Now that the Maze work has been done you could venture out if it wasn’t so cold.


If you are Pensioner. If you do now, or ever have, lived in Wing, or have been a regular attendee at Wing events. Then it could be construed that there is a bright spot on the horizon.

As was last year, this year there will be another Christmas Lunch Spectacular. An auspicious date has been chosen and I am at liberty to tell you it will be held on :-

    SUNDAY December 10

As last year, assemble at the Village Hall at 12:30 for 13:00pm

In keeping with the a whole year’s tradition, the menu will be

TURKEY with all the trimmings          (a new Turkey)

As it has now been decided that order and discipline is required after last year’s disgraceful carry on with several people having to be turned away. A strict check will be kept on those attending.

As part of these security measures potential attendees should give their names and their choice of Sweet, Afters or Desert to Paul Brewer.

He is to be found at the Village Hall every Thursday Morning looking after the temperature of Mrs Holden’s second cuppa and the general hygiene of Coffee Morning. Be prepared to show proof of identity residency and possibly antecedents.

This year the menu choice will be:-




Let him know what your choice is and the organisers will ensure you get a prime seat at the feast.

If you are a bit squeamish about dealing with a defrocked treasurer then you could contact Mary Rodgers directly.

An auction is taking place for the Wish Bone, sealed bits to the lad please.

This year the 100 Club prizes will feature £100 first, £60 Second and £30 Third. Richard, the club Supremo will be in attendance. your chance to lobby for a place on the restricted list.

If you wonder what gets Roger so Happy


Then Be there!





He only comes ashore once a year, why?

They only come ashore at Christmas for a drink

For the Lunch of course!



Just what does go on at the WI Meetings?

recently I was wandering around the village and heard a commotion coming from the Hall. I feared hooligans again but it turned out to be some well turned out ladies gathering at the hall. I could not ascertain what it was all about and was politely advised to wander about somewhere else as the WI had a meeting in the hall.

later I found this photo lying about and it got me thinking about the context. What do they get up to?


Anybody got any ideas?

Seniors Christmas Lunch 2016 (Unexpurgated)

Sunday the 11th came and you could hear the sharpening of knives and straightening of forks as far away as Pilton as everyone got ready for the DO. You’re intrepid reporter donned his look of total idiot and joined the happy throng on the free meal roundabout. I took the total idiot guise a little too seriously as I had a steamed up lens for my first shot Of Sarah McAlister and Mary Rogers beavering away in the kitchen.

I was unaware that Mary had served time in the Navy. She obviously had judging by the language used to clear me out of the kitchen. Apparently I was getting under foot.


I decided at that point to keep a low profile and settled for “Greeting” people at the door and presenting them with “goody Bags” from the Birch Good Neighbour Scheme. The bags were made up by Sally Cox with help from Joanne Beaver. Then idea being to bring to the village’s attention our own Good neighbours Sceme.

The bags contained a Meissen China Mug with the scheme telephone number on it.

A torch. No batteries, to guard against corrosion.

A tear out note book.

A pen to write notes in the above book.

Oh, and a medicinal bottle of cough linctus for these cold evenings.

So. lets have a look at the hall before the crowds arrived.


All this done by volunteer helpers the day before. I was adrift so cannot put names up, but if someone tells me I will ensure a mention is made.

Following are shots taken during the luncheon.


Janet, Anne, Joanne and Jane discussing the menu.


Old hands and honoured guests, apparently happy enough. Tony did ask if we could do this every other Sunday as he was getting a little bored with Don Paddies.


Cynthia and Dorothy, our much loved senior villagers waiting for seconds.


Just watch Sparks. He had hired a new mask for the occasion, you will notice the same face in every photo.


As usual, if it’s free, Roger gets in the mood. Sylvia can’t control him now he’s had a glass of house red. Dennis has seen it all before of course. Chris and Mary busy discussing the fat-stock closing prices at Melton.


A side view of the mask. I am assured it has nothing to do with the Wine, the latex was just a bit tight on Sparks face.


The Brains Trust Corner. All the better types sat there, Andy taking a break from his labours (things people will do for a free meal) being looked after by Brenda And Sarah while Bryan keeps what can only be called a “Beady” eye on the camera.


Doreen apparently thought the white was not bad and wanted some plated for Monday.


Sarah, June and David enjoying watching the others.


Not quite senior but certainly heavyweights in the village pecking order

Bryan, Charles and Phillipa.


Sheila would insist on bringing her daughter Jacqui along although the organisers had suggested she have lemonade this year. “I’m not very well you know” John looks to be perfectly fit and enjoying himself in this shot. Shows how a camera can lie.


The suspicion is that Barbara is making a fool of herself judging by Vic’s and Trevor’s faces.


But seriously folks this is what an aged fisherman looks like. Not a mark on him and ready, like a coiled spring, to get fishing.


I tried to explain that the camera had a perfectly normal field of view but Gordon and Julia said they liked each other’s company and anyway it saved on fuel.


You can see the shocked expression on John’s face as Richard tells him the draw is fixed.


Maggie and Nick came to the lunch all the way from Norfolk but as you can see Maggie thought the wine was just a little too strong for daytime consumption.

(Note that mask again)


Adrian explaining the finer points of Flamenco dancing to Cynthia and Dorothy. They were disbelieving but Val is showing them the complimentary tram ticket presented to Adrian in Madrid where he was an instructor.


Down to the serious stuff. Anne organised the raffle which raised £150 towards the meal

and is preparing herself to give out the prizes.


The following shots can speak for themselves, These are the Raffle winners at the peak of their excitement. Trevor has just read what is in the box Charles has chosen.

I just want to know how Judith is going to explain away the smell of drink to Patrick.


Chris rounding off the shots of the raffle with her bagging the “Hidden Treasure”

If I can get any more shots I will get them up here for a record.

Bumbling around during and after the event I get the impression everyone enjoyed themselves and I did not hear one complaint, there may be some, Let us know so we can try not to repeat it next time.

Finances for the do are always a worry, fortunately as Treasurer (resign) of the hall, it is not my problem but Mary has yet to learn the finer points of balancing on a razor’s edge.

If you have any shots please let me have them so we can all see.

I have had a communication from the East Midlands Health authority asking that we demonstrate the perils of the Demon Drink. Being a responsibly run community web site I thought as a “for instance” I would include the following as a warning to those to whom temptation beckons.


And these are all respectable members of society!


Wing Senior Citizens Lunch 2016

There will be a Christmas lunch held at the hall on Sunday 11 December 12:30 for 1:00 pm

Same Arrangements as last year, if you are not now a resident you might like to consider a donation, but if you consider yourself senior and you live in Wing then it’s all free. This year the main burden of the cost will be borne by the Thursday Coffee Morning group.

Same catering,  same menu, same good time to be had. 100 Club double prize value again.

What you need to do:- Get your name on the list held by Paul Brewer. He is captive every Thursday morning 10:30 till 12:00 at the Village Hall charming the ladies, well some of them, at Coffee Morning. If you need to use a telephone go straight to the top and let Mary Rodgers know on 01572 737475. Failing that, give your details to any member of the committee and they will ensure you’re details are entered.

This Years Menu, as last year, will be:-Traditional Christmas Lunch followed by,

Christmas Pudding   or   Lemon Meringue Roulade   or   Fresh Fruit Salad

The list will hopefully show your choice of sweet.





Mafeking was like this

It’s now called “Mahikeng” but when they were besieged there during the second Boer war the troops must have been exceeding pleased to hear the relief column was nearly with them.

To those who are suffering a state of siege mentality brought on by the enforced closure of the Wheatsheaf  in Edith Weston, relief is at hand. The official re opening is on Saturday 3rd December.

Food will be available from the start but Christmas bookings are not being taken. All very much suck it and see for now.


Cyril Armstrong RIP


When Cyril died recently he was in his Eighty Seventh year.

His wife for nearly sixty years was Maisie who died a few years ago. Cyril leaves his son Richard as the last Armstrong in Wing.

Cyril was born in 1929, the youngest of three children.  His family lived at Pickwell. Later Cyril went to school in Somerby and later still to Melton school. He left school at the age of 14, in 1943, – too young to be called up, but as he worked on a farm he was in a reserved occupation in any case.  Such work was vital to sustaining the country in time of war.

He and Maisie were married on 6th September 1952 in Ashfordby. They moved to “The Cottage” at Wing in 1953, when Cyril worked for Frank Ayers in Manton.

He had various jobs. He worked at Manton Station, he drove a lorry for Garrett’s Transport, he was a civilian driver at Ashwell Prison, and latterly a night patrol officer.

A regular at the Thursday Coffee morning for some years, his opinion on matters and tales from yesteryear are missed.

But Cyril was a farmer at heart, – a man of the land.  At one time he owned four tractors, and he had a big garden  of 3/4 acre  “The Ponderosa”, at Preston where he spend many afternoons pottering around with his agriculture and machinery.

Lately Cyril was cared for by the staff of Oakham Medical centre and of Manton Hall.

Planting the WI Tree

Ninety years ago the WING branch of the WOMEN’S INSTITUTE (WI) was formed.

To celebrate this fact the Branch decided to plant a tree on the recreation ground.

Below are some photos taken on the day to record the event. It is hoped to get more up if people will send their photographs to either John or myself (Paul)



Gloria, Richard and assistant Mary with the new tree.


Dennis was heard to shout “where is this tea you were talking about?” The technical term for this manoeuvre is “Sloping Off”, an old Indian Army Slang.


As Richard was saying “now that crowd has shoved off we can do the proper work”

After the tree planting and the posing for the worlds press, those members who were able to attend, adjourned to the Village Hall for tea and other comestibles.

Here are some shots taken by your roving reporter, it is hoped some better illustrations will be sent in by readers later.

To demonstrate what a little training can do just compare these two shots.

No. 1. Well fed and watered, somewhat satisfied but could do better.


No. 2. After a fifteen minute pep talk and an explanation of facial muscles.

Why does Sheila say I go on a lot?


The camera I was using for the occasion is one regularly used by the police to catch out opportunist thieves. I forgot to turn that feature off and you see what technology can do today. Not only can it tell when the subject is smiling, it can snap the odd opportunist, in this case of course the camera was mistaken, I just hope it does not automatically write out tickets when I take it back to the station.


Vandals in WING?


Whilst your correspondent was closing the sun cover on the Maze photograph he heard some scuffling and muted mutterings from the recreation ground.

Vandals! he thought and shot off home to get a camera to catch them for posterity. Taken from the cover of the trees here is what was seen. The bulk of the miscreants had by then scarpered leaving these few to carry the can.

If you recognise any of these people do let us know at the usual address. At the rate trees are dying in the village we need to keep a sharp eye out for people lurking with spades.