Snow and roads round Wing 12:00 Sat 3/3

It looks as if it’s nearly over folks.

My car is a standard 2WD and not very clever on snow. However.

I went to Uppingham to get a snow shovel. There are none! However, the roads out of Wing are clear black tarmac even on Preston road.

Main roads are clear with people speeding again. I came back via Manton and tried Manton to Wing,  again clear, with hardly any slush even.

I went to Morcott via Pilton. Passable with some snow in places to Pilton. Pilton to Morcott, over the top, clear but snowy underfoot.I did not try but the road to South Luffenham looked passable with car tracks visible at Pilton.

Morcott to Wing clear with snow in places and where there is an abandoned car reduced to single file. Passable with care.

Pilton to Lyndon clear with snow, the ploughs have punched through drifts so it looks impressive but passable.

Lyndon to Wing  upover the bridge. Clear and easy going.

Village Hall driveway has a covering of snow but only maybe an inch, I did not run over it to save compressing it.

Wing to Glaston from Morcott road. Black tracks till half way down the hill after Mill Close where the plough obviously failed to get through. Unusable!

Temperature at the time was +1C so it is thawing.