Snow and Wing Late Friday afternoon 2 March

I had an urgent need to get to Corby and have just got back at 17:00.

My route, Wing Preston Uppingham Caldicott Corby.

Preston road out of Wing is quite passable except for the drifting just before the barn conversion. There the road is single file for about 20 meters.

Main road to Uppingham was black tarmac but there are some hefty drifts on the left between Preston and the A47 roundabout. A plough has been through but if it blocks that is where it will be.

On the high ground half way to Caldicot there are again some drifts of magnificent size. A plough has been through but there is some slush on the road in places. This could well freeze tonight. Caldicott to Corby again black tarmac.

There was a strong wind and light snowfall as I returned. Roads were OK but things could well change later tonight.

Again, I would not recommend day tripping in these conditions.