Snow and Wing Friday2 March

At 11:00 today, having finished the aerobics at the hall I did a trip round the route Wing, Preston, Manton and back via Manton hill.

The hill out of Wing by the Camp site is tricky but quite passable, some slush on the downhill side. Uphill black tarmac.

The Preston road is OK bar from about twenty metres just before the barn conversion where drifting has reduced it to single track.

Preston to Manton on the main road is black Tarmac, as is the turn in to Manton.

Turning off down the road to the station is passable with a vehicle with high ground clearance. A Range Rover, possibly Sally’s went carefully through and there was daylight below the chassis. I got through with my Vauxhall Insignia and felt it riding up on the central part of the snow drift remains. The road is mostly single track.

At no time was I stuck or in trouble but if you don’t need to use the road don’t bother.

A little academic now but the roadway up to the Hall car park has been cleared and is black tarmac. The footpaths all round the hall and as far as the Church entrance are clear and gritted. The car park itself which is horizontal is still covered with snow but although messy underneath is no problem to drive on with just a modicum of Cocum.