The First Games Night


The first games night was held at the Hall on Friday 27th evening.
There was a full complement of amusements laid out, Darts Pool and Bowls. The ladies had brought a cornucopia of eats and nibbles and a fair selection of drinks were also available.

What was sorely lacking was participants. At enormous expense Doreen was tempted out on what was, admittedly, a wild night. But she gave us all a master class on Bowls and how it should be done. We all gathered round to learn the art. It will obviously take us tyros some time to get to her standard but it was interesting to watch her giving it her all.

Your correspondent took on the O’Boyle lads for a game of Darts and not only got thrashed but managed to get a couple of darts into the wall. There may well be questions in the house about hooligans allowed to play. In future some protection will have to be arranged or the Hall is going to get damaged.
Robert King showed some of his miss spent youth by performing on the pool table, all he needed was a cigarette dangling from his lips and we would have had another master class.
Richard (keep death of the streets) Tulloch with his cough and Mary turned up as did a fair sprinkling of Wings good burghers. All that attended enjoyed themselves and the general consensus was that it was a good evening just needing a few more attendees.
Sarah O’Boyle did a good job in organising the evening but without a doubt more people are needed. There will be another games night when we hope more people will attend. Why don’t you come along next time? The more the merrier!