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Wing Community Centre Annual General Meeting Tuesday 28th May 2019 at 7.30 pm (Rescheduled)

Wing Community Centre Annual General Meeting Tuesday  28th May 2019 at 7.30 pm


1. Welcome  and Apologies

2. Minutes of AGM held on 21 st May, 2018.

3. Matters arising from above Minutes.

4. Chairman’s Report for year ending March 31 st , 2019

5. Treasurer’s Report for year ending March 31 st , 2019

6. Election of Committee for year May 2019/20 (7 places plus 2 trustee representatives).

7. AOB

Sally Cox – Chair – The Old Hall, Wing, Rutland.
Tel: 07976936509/

Wing Village Hall Needs A New Hall Manager/Caretaker

Due to the imminent retirement of the current manager, the Wing Village Hall Committee is seeking a local applicant to make sure that the Village Hall is kept up to the current high standards.

This is a paid position.

Purpose of the Role: To manage the general day-to-day maintenance of the hall overseeing any queries and to ensure the hall is in a fit state for hirers.

Management tasks: To be the line manager to both the cleaner and any person supporting the maintenance role by assisting with heavy duty tasks and lawnmowing when required.

Regular activities: The job includes:

  • Checking the state of the hall periodically and reporting to the committee of any major issues.
  • Tidying up the hall generally, checking for breakages, blown bulbs etc.
  • Managing the notice boards and removing litter.
  • Checking the postbox and making sure the appropriate member of the committee is informed of any correspondence.
  • Checking the janitorial supplies ( cleaners etc.) and topping up as required.
  • Checking and replacing paper towels and toilet rolls.
  • Monitoring the cleaning and arrange for additional cleaning when required.
  • Maintain regular communication with the cleaner and updating her on the weekly bookings so she can organise her time accordingly.
  • Scheduling the mowing of the lawn.

Anyone interested in taking on this vital role should contact the Village Hall Committee Chair, Sally Cox ( ) Tel: 07976936509, to discuss the extent of these tasks, the timing and the remuneration

Meetings in the Village Hall

Can ALL the events that plan to use the Village Hall, even the Parish Council, the Village Hall Committee, and the Neighbourhood Plan, although they use the hall without charge, please make a booking through the Booking Clerk, Sarah O’Boyle, as although the public are welcome as observers, they usually are only are aware of these meetings via word of mouth. All bookings should appear on the Events Calendar.

Wing Village Hall Questionnaire

Wing Village Hall Consultation Questionnaire 2017

Download and print it off here or just use the Print button at the bottom of the page.

It’s your village hall, how can we make it better for you?

We really want to know!

This questionnaire sets out to invite the village to tell us what you would like the hall to provide for Wing now and in future years.

A little about you please?

Please circle


  • 17 or under
  • 18-35 or
  • 36 and above


Please return the completed form to Wing Village Hall

Please return completed forms by the closing date of the 11th May 2017. If completing the questionnaire stimulates additional comments do please note these on the back of the form.

Many thanks for your participation and feedback. Once collated the results will be published in the Parish Magazine.

Wing Village Hall Management Committee

How important do you rate the below 1 2 3 4 (1 = low and 4 – high)

  1. Hall Facilities
  • Toilet Facilities
  • Village showers
  • (Disabled) Access to the hall
  • Kitchen
  • Stage
  • Wifi


  1. Physical Appearance of the hall
  • Stage
  • Lighting
  • Hearing loop
  • Seating and tables
  • Car parking
  • Heating


  1. Hall Equipment
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Cutlery and Crockery
  • Storage
  • Decoration


  1. Village Use of the Hall
  • Regular village social events
  • Annual events
  • Individual Club or Society events
  • Private hire 
  1. External Use of the Hall
  • Private Hire
  • External Clubs and Societies
  • External commercial hire
  1. How do you wish to see village hall fund raising monies applied
  • For the community in general.
  • For the village hall maintenance and improvement.
  • To raise funds commercially to be applied for general parish use.
  • To support those in the community needing assistance.
  • General charitable donations.
  1. How would you prefer to know what is going on in the village hall?
  • Parish Mag Village
  • Website
  • Posters Notice boards
  • Other
  • Word of mouth
  1. Would you consider supporting the village hall via:
  • A working party: Yes / No
  • One off event: Yes / No
  • Charitable donation Yes / No
  • Sunday tea rota during the summer Yes/No

(Please circle) If Yes please provide contact details on the back page. 

  1. Hall Activities

What activities would you like to see in the village hall?

  • Village Fetes
  • Arts and crafts
  • Musical Entertainment
  • Café
  • Clubs and Societies
  • Hiring for private parties/weddings
  • Social Club
  • Meeting place
  • Training/ Education
  • Commercial Rent organisations and businesses
  • Doctor / Social Services
  • Physical Activities e.g. keep fit
  • Village Entertainments e.g. quiz nights,
  • Christmas fayre, etc
  • Films
  • Indoor food market
  • Other comments please note overleaf





May 22nd, 2017 7.00 pm


A centrepiece of the village needs your help. Could you spare an hour or so a month to help with the running of the Village Hall? Come along to the AGM and register your interest.


MEETINGS Reschedule

As we have been uncertain about timing for the floor work in the Village Hall, the decision was taken last week to postpone tonight’s Committee and GNS meetings.
Whilst I understand the floor is now complete to avoid further confusion the meetings remain cancelled and are rescheduled as follows;
Good Neighbours Scheme               6 Feb from 6.30 pm
Village Hall Committee meeting: 6 Feb from 7.30 pm.



Circulation   SC KB PB RT PO AT  JO MR JB BS NK





There will be a short briefing about the Prepared Citizens Initiative before the meeting.


Welcome to Alison.


1 Apologies


2 Meeting Minutes

Confirmed and Signed as a true record


3 Matters Arising (Not covered by the agenda)


4. 100 Club


5 Health and Safety


5. Building Maintenance


6. Good Neighbour Scheme


7. Future Events


8. Treasurers  Report

Update on bank accounts


9. Hall Managers Report


10. AOB


11.Date of Next Meeting